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Audiovisual production company Epic films
Music stories

Meet us

We deliver creative audiovisual content for music events, artists and brands.


Promo content

Aftermovies, photography, teasers, video clips, 360 effects, aerial videos… in any format, to promote your event, before and after producing it.


Live content

We stream and record videosets and multi-camera concerts for all kinds of artists, live or recorded, so you can connect with your audience.

Our team

Passionate and creative buddies is what we are

Based in Spain, we are a cohesive audiovisual production team of DOP, filmmakers, designers, musicians, producers, screenwriters, art directors, colorists and editors, working worldwide.


Moy Santana

Director, filmmaker and editorGang leader and music freak

Virginia Pineda

Production manager, filmmaker and editorArt and music lover

Guillermo Sánchez

DOP and filmmakerOur youngest and wildest soul

Jota Martínez

PhotographerFestival and gadget freak

Pablo Gallardo

Photographer and Stop Motion FXWill catch you feeling the vibe

Yousef Daoud

DOP and cinematographerHis lights and lenses will make you take off

Pau Palau

FilmmakerCool guy with cool vibe

Borja Llorens

Filmaker and gimbal specialistFilming and jumping at the same time

Xavier Nácher

Filmmaker and coloristConstantly analyzing color palettes

Jose del Barrio

FilmmakerTireless man in the barrio

Pablo Barberá

Musician and filmmakerTechno viking and highlights catcher

Let's work

Are you planning something fresh? We wanna know

Please tell us what’s in your mind, and we’ll help you express the values of your event, festival, song, brand… We are audiovisual production specialists looking forward to collaborating with you.

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